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その後? after that?

機種変更したスマートフォンの iPhone15 のその後の様子をアップします。


 iPhone15 は二つのカメラを搭載しています。標準と広角レンズのカメラです。最初は広角レンズ?と思っていたのですが、意外に便利!今まで画面に収まらなかった広さが取れるのには感動しました。少しコツが入りますが便利です。標準も48MPなので24MPで保存すれば随分と嫌いな画像が残せます。ただしデータ容量は五割増すみたいです。標準カメラは2倍ズームも出来ちょっとした時に便利です。実際の写真はアトリエ便りやウォーキング便りなどの写真をご覧ください。

そして高価な iPhone15 を守る大切なケースは今回二種類を用意しました。画面を守るフラップ付きとなしのもので両方ともエレコムのケースです。画面保護のためにずっとフラップ付きの手帳型ソフトレザーケースを使っていたので今回もそうしました。NEUTZ というのです。ただ、時にフラップが邪魔な時があるのでフラップのないケースも同時に購入しました。こちらは ZEROSHOCK Solid/極限保護適時というもので5mからの落下にも大丈夫だそうです。こちらに付属していた画面フィルムを使っています。

 iPhone の使い方に合わせて適時交換して使っています。どちらも作りはしっかりしていてとても気に入っています。

I will upload the status of the iPhone 15, the smartphone I changed the model to. I've written before that the app's speed is quick and easy to use, but I'm also grateful for the battery life, which lasts almost a week with my usage. This time I will write about the usage of the camera and the case.

iPhone 15 is equipped with two cameras. Standard and wide-angle lens cameras. A wide-angle lens first? That's what I thought, but it's surprisingly convenient! I was impressed that I was able to take up space that I couldn't fit on the screen before. It takes some tricks, but it's convenient. The standard is 48MP, so if you save it at 24MP, you can leave a lot of images you don't like. However, it seems that the data capacity will increase by 50%. The standard camera also has 2x zoom, which is useful when you need something small.For actual photos, please see the photos in the Atelier Newsletter and Walking Newsletter.

I have prepared two types of important cases to protect your expensive iPhone 15. Both ELECOM cases come with and without a flap to protect the screen. I've always used a notebook-type soft leather case with a flap to protect the screen, so I did the same this time as well. It's called NEUTZ. However, sometimes the flap gets in the way, so I also purchased a case without a flap. This is called ZEROSHOCK Solid/Extreme Protection and is said to be able to withstand a fall from 5m. I'm using the screen film that came with it. I also purchased a case without a flap.

I replace them from time to time depending on how I use my iPhone. Both are well made and I like them very much.





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