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  • 執筆者の写真ogasun

そういえば! By the way!

そういえば! 思い出した事があって‥ 思わず購入してしまいました。

By the way! There was something I remembered.. I bought it unintentionally.


When I went to the Taro Okamoto exhibition the other day, the model of the Tower of the Sun was not on display at the Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art after the incident that broke it. I couldn't watch it then. I also saw it in the museum shop, but at that time I was interested in Taro's characters and I was only checking books.


When I came back to my atelier and recollected the old days, I went to the 1970 Osaka Expo twice, and saw the festival square, the Tower of the Sun, and the inside of the Tower of the Sun in real life. When I went to the Expo, I wanted a souvenir of the Tower of the Sun, but it was too expensive for elementary school students to buy. Unfortunately, I remember enduring with the shield of the Expo's symbol mark. and! I decided to make a wish come true for the first time in decades.

よかった!ありがとう!満足してます。Good! Thank you! I am satisfied.





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