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お気に入り favorite!

前回デジタル作品んについて書きましたが、アナログ作品を描くにはお気に入りの絵の具があります。I wrote about digital works last time, but I have a favorite paint for drawing analog works.


皆さまも気軽に抽象画を描いてみませんか?。おがさんは「 Heart-coloring art 」、「 心色彩るアート 」と呼んでいて、自由に心のままに絵を描いてみるのは皆様の心の癒しにもなりとても良い事だと思います。気になる方がお見えになりましたら連絡ください。

The paints I use are two types of facial paints. I like Japanese colors, and until a while ago I was using tubes of Japanese watercolor paints. Now I use this facial paint and water pen super easily. As for the paper I use, I mainly use handmade Inshu washi paper, as well as painting paper and picture letter paper. I like the color combination of Japanese paper and Japanese paint, and I like gold and silver because they are very colorful. Wipe the water with a sprayer after drawing to prevent strange wrinkles. Why don't you feel free to draw an abstract painting? . My mother calls it "heart-coloring art" and "heart-coloring art", and I think it's a very good thing to try drawing freely as you like, as it will heal your heart. . Please contact me if you see anyone who is interested.





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