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  • 執筆者の写真ogasun

お名前は? Name is?



I'm doing the keeper of the birds who are coming to the atelier's garden these days. I can see the magnolia from the window of the room where I'm working, and birds often come to the branch. I always have a single-lens reflex camera beside me, so I take pictures if I have a chance.


When a new bird arrives, it's hard to find a name! .. The first is an old picture book! (Purchased in 1971, ¥ 350). However, this alone cannot be identified, so I will also look it up on the Internet. I'm worried because the same bird is quite different depending on the individual. But is it easier to understand than plants? .. The photo was taken for the first time today, Mr. Thrush, for a moment, but I managed to take it successfully.





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