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いつまで真夏? How long until midsummer?



I am writing this blog on September 16th. Yesterday's highest temperature was 33 degrees, and this morning's lowest temperature was 27 degrees, making it a tropical night. In September, the temperature once went from 23 degrees to around 30 degrees, but it's midsummer again! ! I wonder what's going on. It's so hot that the temperature is over 30 degrees at 10am. Oga-san, who rarely goes out except for shopping, stays in his studio all the time. When the room temperature exceeds 30 degrees, I can't stand it and turn on the air conditioner. The room I sleep in and the studio are separate, so I turn on the air conditioner in one or both. Therefore, the electricity bill will be huge! ! It will become. The highest record this summer was 237 yen/day. How is everyone doing?





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