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9月10日の土曜日 うお座満月 中秋の名月 の日の夕刻


  「満ちる月とともに・・ 満月奏」


 しばしの間  まったり ゆったり 過ごせるひと時になるのではと思います


ご縁があり おがさん もお手伝いさせていただきます。


(事前予約制で定員あり 参加費必要なイベントになります)



​ Saturday, September 10th Full Moon in Pisces Mid-Autumn Moon Evening

The event will be held at Shokoso in Nishio City.  

"Together with the full moon... Mangetsu Kanade"

Shokoso is an infinite space filled with the power of the full moon and surrounded by love and healing...

I think it will be a relaxing and relaxing time for a while.


I am lucky enough to be able to help you.

(Advance reservations are required and there is a capacity. This is an event that requires a participation fee.)

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