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安城の樹庵さんで5年ぶり3回目の個展をさせていただきます 。なかなか遠くへ出かけられないおがさんですので皆さまに来て!とは言えませんが、お近くにお越しの際はお立ち寄りください。 駅からも近いですし、駐車場も何台かあります。平日の午前中は混んでることが多いので、平日の午後か土日の方がゆっくりご覧いただけそうです。

私は毎日と長時間の在廊はできないので、事前に連絡いただければできるだけ在廊するようにします。昼の12〜15あたりに1〜2時間ぐらいは在廊が可能ですので もし、お会いしたい方が見えましたら連絡ください。




​ This is my 3rd solo exhibition at Anjo no Juan, the first in 5 years. I'm an old lady who can't go far, so please come! I can't say it, but if you're in the area, please drop by. It's close to the station and there are several parking lots. Weekday mornings are often crowded, so weekday afternoons or Saturdays and Sundays seem to be more relaxing. I can't be in the gallery for a long time every day, so if you let me know in advance, I'll try to be there as much as possible. I can be in the nave for about 1-2 hours between 12:00 and 15:00. The second floor is a watercolor installation exhibition, and the third floor is a photo exhibition.


My solo exhibition that started on October 6th is also a turning point. The gallery is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so it will be held from Thursday, October 13th to October 17th. We will deliver part of the exhibition.



Gallery access


This is the appearance and map of Mr. Juan. It is within walking distance from Sakurai Station, and there are several parking lots in front of the building from the direction of Sakurai Station. You can stop at the place where Juan is written. There is space for one car to park on the first floor of the building. Go up the stairs and the 2nd and 3rd floors will be the gallery.

2022年10月 6日(木)~10月17日(月)

AM 9:30 ~ PM 5:30 (最終日は PM 5:00 まで)

※定休日 10/11(火),10/12水)

Gallery & Caf’e 樹庵

〠444ー1153 安城市東町荒井48-1

TEL&FAX (0566) 99-8020

Thursday, October 6, 2022

 to Monday, October 17, 2022

9:30 AM - 5:30 PM (until 5:00 PM on the last day)

*Regular holiday 10/11 (Tue), 10/12 (Wed) 

 Gallery & Caf'e Juan


      48-1 Arai, Higashimachi, Anjo City

       TEL&FAX (0566) 99-8020

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