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ogasun の作品を2つのサイトに登録させていただいています。どちらも「 ogasun 」というクリエーター名で登録していますのでご覧になってみて下さい。気に入れば注文もできます。こんなの登録して!と言うものありましたらご連絡ください。

I have registered ogasun's works on two sites.Both are registered under the creator name "ogasun", so please have a look.If you like it, you can order it. Register like this! If you have any questions, please contact us.



You can purchase original goods from one point. There are various items such as shoes, bags, and clothing. Please take a look.



You can purchase original fabrics from 1m unit. Of course, you can choose various fabrics. It is designed with a size of 1000x1440mm. Please take a look.

atelier shop



ogasun の作品はイベント時は会場で販売しています。イベント時以外はアトリエにて作品の販売が可能です。




お支払いは  au pay 、銀行振込、現金でできます。

The works of ogasun are sold at the venue at the time of the event. Works can be sold at the atelier except at the time of the event. There is no exhibition space in the atelier, but you can choose a dark blue work from more than 3,000 works. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to view the work. If you find your favorite work, you can buy it on the spot. You can give it a special energy, or you can order a pen drawing if you have your favorite characters. The works posted on this website can also be sold, so please check the work number and contact us. Thank you.

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